Surviving Your Remodel

Tips for Setting up a Temporary Kitchen

We help many homeowners each year design and build their dream kitchens. To make the process easier during the construction phase, we recommend planning and organizing a temporary kitchen to use during that time. It is hard to survive a remodel without a fresh pot of coffee everyday and eating out gets old and expensive! Here are some great ideas to get through.

A 6-foot portable table is a great starting point for your temporary kitchen. This will give you enough room for a microwave, coffee pot and other small appliances and have room for prep space. Store staple in sealed plastic tubs underneath. No matter how hard we try, construction can be dusty so keeping things sealed in a good idea. If you can move your regular refrigerator into your temporary space that is great. If not, consider getting a small dorm style refrigerator for perishables. A small chest freezer located somewhere will give you the convenience to stock up on frozen meals.

Having a place to do dishes and fill the coffee pot is important. Think about where clean up will be easiest. Do you have a garage with a utility sink? It might seem unconventional, but this can be a great spot to set up your kitchen. If you need to use a bathroom for dishwashing think about getting a dishrack and doing your dishes immediately. It is much easier to keep up with a few dishes than a whole sink full. We suggest investing in disposable plates, cups and cutlery during your remodel to make things easy for you. There are some great compostable options available if you are concerned about waste.

It will take months of planning and design to finalize your dream kitchen. Use those months to stockpile some of your favorite meals. If you double up recipes you love and freeze them, you will have a great selection of meals to chose from that can be easily reheated. Using your outdoor grill is a great option for cooking while you kitchen is being renovated as well.