New Gaspar’s Office

Gaspar’s Construction recently moved and renovated its new office! How do you take a really dark, drab, commercial space in the heart of an urban industrial district and turn it into a space that functions as a residential design showroom and working office for 25 people that is as beautiful as it is functional?  Turn the job over to our talented group of designers!

2018 REX Award 1st Place – Lucile Commercial Remodeling Excellence

The space was a dark 6,000+ square foot box that had been broken up into odd spaces over the years and came with the additional challenge of abutting another building which kept us from adding windows to create light.  To lighten the space we installed 8’x8’ skylights which flood the space with natural light.  We maximized ceiling height by removing the dropped ceiling and exposing the trusses.  This created an open airy space and was a nod to the industrial nature of the area the building is situated in.  It became clear that the roof was failing when the property was purchased.  Installing a new warm roof allowed us to expose the ceiling as well.

Meeting spaces were delineated by dropping the ceiling in those areas, creating three distinct client presentation areas and a conference room for staff trainings and meetings.  Dropping the ceilings in those areas served to define the spaces and create better acoustics in those key meeting areas where comfortable conversation between designers and clients is critical.  Additionally we were able to hide the HVAC system in this space.

A large custom kitchen anchors the space and serves as a hub for staff to gather.  The kitchen also serves as a living showroom for design clients to touch and feel installed cabinetry and countertops, see unique storage solutions in place and provide inspiration for their own projects.  The anchor of the kitchen is a large island that was built to host cooking classes and educational seminars.  Three beautiful bathrooms were built to accommodate the needs of guests and staff.  Each bathroom has a unique personality highlighting various tile work, fixtures and cabinetry for clients to explore as well.

The space functions beautifully for the wide variety of needs of the design, sales and field staff as well as being a comfortable and inspirational place for clients to visit.