It’s safe to say that architecture is in Steven’s blood. (After all, his grandfather, father, uncle, and brother-in-law shared the same profession.) After a childhood spent looking at buildings to try to figure out how they came together, Steven got his Master’s in Architecture at Tulane University in his hometown of New Orleans. He loves the Crescent City (where his family has roots dating back to the 18th century), so be sure to ask him for recommendations if you’re thinking of going there.

After school, Steven moved to Houston and worked for an architectural firm that specialized in residential high-end custom homes and multi-family units, apartments and townhomes. He then started his own firm, and when he arrived in Seattle in 2011, he continued working with clients in Houston and Louisiana while establishing a foothold in the Northwest.

In his spare time, Steven is an avid film buff involved with SIFF (the Seattle International Film Festival) and Three Dollar Bill Cinema. He also enjoys hiking and downhill skiing.

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