Project Lead

Raised in Seattle, Washington. I grew up with a passion for the arts, playing piano & cello, painting and sketching my days away. While embracing the arts, I always maintained my passion for sports, most importantly to me, football. I played football collegiately and professionally for a time. After many years of that, I was a personal trainer, and rather good at it, but became very distraught with the industry as well as the subjectivity of the product I was offering.

Through one of my clients, I was offered an entry level position within a notable dock building company, and that was where I found love and solace within the numbers, accuracy, and objectivity of carpentry. When I left dock building, it was for a Seattle based general contractor, as a laborer, and with my first paycheck, I purchased my first tool belt. From there, I was elevated to an apprentice.

I always carried a chip on my shoulder, as I was never the biggest, strongest, or fastest in sports. In carpentry, I was typically the youngest, dumbest, and newest to the trade. I knew I could be more, and I set out to prove it. Within a year of being an apprentice, I was recruited by a larger company, and took another position as a journeyman (not advised), and surprisingly was made a lead carpenter in two months. The years to come were mixture of my reach exceeding my grasp, or my grasp exceeding my reach. Through that entire process I kept learning my craft and actually became a fairly decent carpenter. I was lucky enough to find Gaspar’s when I did, and moving my talents here has been the greatest professional decision I have made in my life to date.

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