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Director of Finance, hr & Operations

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Sue has been immersed in the world of construction since childhood. She has early memories of watching her mother demolish a wall at home while her father returned from his day job, eager to embark on the next home flip project. Sue's early exposure to construction laid the foundation for her future in the industry.

Over the years, Sue has held diverse roles, from corporate Controller, to a residential and commercial Project Manager, to operating her own construction remodeling and handyman company. Alongside the years of volunteering at her church through many roles and throughout her professional journey, Sue's unwavering passion has been to empower others to succeed, a commitment that has shaped both her career and personal endeavors.

Now residing in King County, Sue and her husband embrace adventure when they can. They look forward to weekends spent camping in their trailer, embarking on spontaneous road trips, and creating cherished memories with their grandkids. Her guiding motto remains: if her life's lessons can contribute to the success of others, then every experience is invaluable.