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Our Process

The Loving Your Home Journey

Remodeling is a little like a marriage and we call our process the “Love your home journey”

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Overall, any process that involves commitment, responsibility, and partnership can be similar to marriage in some ways.  Whether it’s a business partnership, parenting, a long-term friendship, or a collaborative art project, the key is working together towards a shared goal with trust, respect and open communication. 

Our Process


Discovery/Getting to Know You

The beginning of the remodel journey starts with our team getting to know you! Over the phone and in-person, we work together with you to discover your ideal project scope and budget. Once we establish Gaspar’s is a good fit for you and your project, we move on to the Design Build phase.


Design Phase

The discovery and getting to know you continues through the design build phase as we help make your dream become reality. Step-by-step, through a series of in-office and in-home meetings, our designer teamwork with you to put your vision on paper. Our in-house team of estimators and production crew help to transition the project from concept to creation seamlessly. 


Build Phase 

Once construction begins, our weekly check-ins ensure clear communication with updates on project progress. Construction is messy and disruptive and it is our goal to make it as good an experience as possible.  



We feel so strongly about completion that it has its own phase!  Once complete, all team members gather with you to celebrate a project well done!


Lasting Relationship

We love our clients and look forward to working with them in the future. For each of our projects we provide a head to toe warranty and we do a 12-month ‘tune-up’ (follow-up visit to make sure our work is standing the test of time). With a history spanning over 50 years in Seattle, Gaspar’s takes pride in our work and are here should anything arise in the future. Ask us about our Home Maintenance Plans and our Home Repair division to help with the small projects

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