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Payroll Administrator & HR Assistant

With a natural affinity for numbers and an unwavering attention to detail, Sam is an amazing force when it comes to tackling accounting challenges. Growing up in Wenatchee, Washington, Sam ventured to Seattle to pursue her passion for numbers, earning her degree in Accounting and laying the foundation for a promising career ahead.
Having honed her skills in crunching numbers for both construction and plumbing companies, Sam brings a wealth of hands-on experience to her role at Gaspar’s. Her meticulous approach and problem-solving prowess make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Sam harbors a deep-seated desire for adventure and exploration. She dreams of traversing the globe, immersing herself in new cultures, savoring exotic cuisines, and embracing the unknown. In her quest for a more adventurous life, Sam finds solace in simple pleasures, spending her free time watching movies, grooving to music, and losing herself in the rhythm of dance.