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Born in San Francisco and raised by doctors, Vita wanted nothing to do with science when thinking of careers and loved the creativity she found in expressing herself artistically. After growing up in San Francisco and becoming tired of the “heart-of-city” life, Vita and her husband decided to pack all their belongings into a storage unit and venture out on a 2 month, 27 National Park camping summer tour before moving up to Seattle in late 2019.

Vita began her career in high end interior design, and while she enjoyed it, she started to desire something more “hands-on” and wanted to be closer to actual construction. Intention and purpose drive her design aesthetic, while still leaving room for fun and creativity.

During her free time Vita loves hanging out with her husband and pets, working on and fixing up their home, and being outside gardening, hiking, biking, or exploring!



BS in Management, Minor in Arts from UC California
Certificate Program in Interior Design and Interior Architecture from UC Berkeley Extension