Magnolia Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

After 20 years of living in their home with the same small and closed off kitchen, this family was ready for a change. While this kitchen served their family well, they had developed a lot of tricks over the years working with only one overhead light and two outlets. The refrigerator had been burned from being too close to the range and they had extension cords tucked everywhere.

What we uncovered during design was that more than a brighter space with better lighting and outlets this kitchen had a doorway problem. There were 3 doors into the tiny space that ate up most of any valuable storage abilities.  And the wall that separated the dining and living space from the kitchen left the family member who was cooking feeling isolated from the rest of the family.

In order to end the overwhelm of doors we cut off all of the three entrances and opened up the wall to the living space. The added a peninsula for storage gave separation and a great place to tuck the microwave out of view.

We reoriented the back hallway to eliminate two doors. But the homeowners didn’t want to loose all access to the door. We dreamed up a sexy detail with quarter sawn oak framed pass through. Now its easy to pass items from the pantry into the kitchen. Or reach through and grab a spatula for the grill.

The bonus was by replacing the back door with a glass door we get amazing additional light.

Aesthetically, the family wanted a more airy and open feel. Two toned cabinets with white uppers and grey below give the kitchen a classic look. The grey tiled floor and backsplash with white quartz counters modernize and lighten up the space. After so many years cooking there, they finally deserved a nice kitchen!