Seattle Basement Renovation

These homeowners love having their grandchildren over but were running out of space to host the growing number of them.  They approached us to make a space that would be fun and safe for the kids, as well as providing dedicated space for both sewing and ceramics for the grandmother.  We took the unfinished basement and turned it into a bright space that serves their needs and looks great.  The homeowners are thrilled with the result and are busy making memories with their grandchildren.

2018 REX Award 1st Place – Getaway Room and Specialty Space

With fond memories of roller skating in her own grandmother’s basement as a child, these clients approached us with the goal of turning their unfinished basement into a space that would allow them to host their growing crew of active grandchildren.  As a couple, they were looking forward to creating a memory making retreat for fun, frolic and crafting.  The current dark, unfinished space with a steep unsafe staircase was unwelcoming and functioned poorly.

We were challenged by a deep sloped floor around the perimeter of the room and a very steep staircase.  To address the slope in the floor in a cost effective way, we furred out the walls deeper than was required for insulation to cover some of the slope without losing too much floor space.  Additionally, we installed cabinets and a countertop that were deeper than standard to further accommodate the issue.  We reframed the stairs to be solid and safe, covering them in non-slip stair treads for additional safety of children and grandparents, and a fun pop of color.  With no room above to expand head height or structural engineers go creative with the structural header.

Replacing the existing door to the garage and reworking the ductwork in the ceiling stretched the budget too far.  Instead of reframing and replacing the old door, we embraced the industrial touch and highlighted it with chartreuse paint.  To heighten the space we painted the ceiling a comforting blue and wrapped it down the walls.  The duct work that was exposed was painted the same color so it retreats visually.  Two creative solutions that saved the client significant money and added style.

Our client is an avid crafter and needed a place to sew and do pottery.  We created a low table to accommodate her sewing machine and incorporated a vintage cabinet she had held on to for over 30 years into an area for her pottery.  A functional oversized measuring tape was stenciled on the floor in a witty nod to sewing and a measure for future skate races.

The clients are thrilled with the space.  It has given them a way to connect with their grandchildren in a meaningful way when they visit and be a functional additional space for their daily needs and an inspiring space to be creative.