Seward Park Garage Transformation

His dad built the home in 1954 and the garage was original concrete, the doors were hard to open and the roof was leaking.  The garage was also full of dad’s prior welding equipment.  It was very important to our home owner that the garage be repaired in order to store his vintage car collection.  The garage is in front of the house and therefore the first thing you see when you approach the house so it was also important to improve the street appeal.

We got to work designing a new garage.  We removed all the compressor’s and equipment as well as the rooftop deck, railing and framing.  We re-built the garage roof structure and installed a new waterproof membrane.  Over the membrane and down the front of the garage we installed Trex decking.  Next we installed a new coating over the concrete to enhance the look and make it the blend with the new trex decking.  We installed new lighting and a new custom handrail for the deck.  Lastly we installed new garage doors and new epoxy coating on the floor of the garage.