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Turning a challenge into a dream

Turning a challenge into a dream

Gaspar's relocated the front stairs and excavated the front yard to create a generous 2 car driveway in the front of the house.

The cute front room under the swooping tudor roofline had great street appeal but the steep sloped ceiling meant there was no head room and this spot had the best view. We re-built the roofline to create a full height room in its place with lots of windows to take in the view.

Next was the master bedroom which while it was the only bedroom upstairs had no actual bedroom door. It also had some view potential but required taking down the brick chimney. The master bathroom was too small for both of them to get ready at the same time. The closet was cramped and the upstairs was cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

The boys were still sharing one bedroom and guests would have to share with the boys for a bathroom. We added approximately 10’ onto the back of the house. This afforded the space for the master bedroom, a 2nd bedroom for the boys and a guest bathroom in the basement. The interior stairwellwas moved to the back of the house enlarging the kitchen/ dining space, and a gas fireplace replaced the wood one that had to go with the chimney. At the end of the day this home was practically brand new top to bottom.

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