Design, Remodel & Home Repair Services

All Under One Roof

At Gaspar’s, our design/build menu goes from soup to nuts. We can easily handle all kinds of projects, from home repairs to whole-home renovations. Regardless of its size and scope, every project receives the full focus and dedication of our multi-talented staff.

Over the years we've honed our process to a fine edge, cutting cleanly through red tape to ensure the timely and successful completion of your project


5. Handyman


4. Warranty


3. Remodel


2. Design


1. Planning

Ongoing Maintenance & Handyman

It’s not easy to find a company you can trust, which is why many of our clients come back to us for home repairs or maintenance. They know they’ll get the same level of satisfaction they experienced during their Gaspar’s remodel.

Even if we’ve never worked with you before, you can count on us to deliver our renowned standard of quality and craftsmanship on smaller repair jobs or ongoing general maintenance around the home.

Warranty Period

Once construction is completed, you get to settle into your dream home. Life adjusts to a new, better normal. But our commitment to your satisfaction goes on.

We believe strongly in the quality of our work, and we’ll keep checking in to make sure everything is as you hoped it would be. Then we’ll follow up with an official 12-Month Check-In and an 18-Month Warranty Closeout Call.

Build & Remodel

Once designs and budget are finalized you’ll work directly with a dedicated Gaspar’s Project Lead and a seasoned construction crew that’s friendly, tidy and respectful of your home. Communication channels remain wide open, with weekly production meetings to keep everyone on the same page.

At Gaspar’s we run a tight ship. We never go over budget without your permission, and we take completion dates very, very seriously.


Throughout the design process we never lose sight of the issues you’ve told us you want to resolve —  the must-haves, the nice-to-haves, and the icing on the cake. We make sure that with each refinement in the design we’re zeroing in on the sweet spot that perfectly reflects your tastes and lifestyle.

At Gaspar’s we honor your budget every step of the way, leaving nothing to chance. Before we swing a hammer you’ll know what it’s going to cost, to avoid surprises.

Preparation & Planning

Every remodeling project begins with a need. So before we even put pencil to paper we’ll walk through your home and see it through your eyes. We’ll listen carefully to your hopes, desires, frustrations and fears. We’ll take careful notes and help you prioritize your wish list.

Only when we’re satisfied that we fully understand your needs, your goals and your constraints will we sit down to develop a plan that meets them.




Great design is where a successful remodel starts. Simply put, a great design works. We start by understanding your dream. Then we put our heads together with yours to help bring that dream into reality. We put lots of options on the table and let the best rise to the top, with a crack in-house architecture/design team participating as needed along the way.

So bring us your ideas — or a blank sheet of paper. Either way, we’ll help you design a beautiful solution that reflects your needs and lifestyle.



Even your ideal home can become ripe for a remodel as your needs and circumstances change. Maybe a new baby’s on the way, the kitchen’s too cramped, or your home simply no longer reflects who you are.

Whatever compelling reasons you have for making a change, we’ll help you do it right. We’ll work with you to identify the goals that make the project worth doing, and then develop plans and a detailed scope of work to fit your needs.



Just because it’s a small job is no reason to sacrifice quality. That’s where Gaspar’s Home Repair Services come in. We’ve developed an efficient program that goes above and beyond normal home maintenance. Regardless of size, each task is approached with the same professional care and craftsmanship that have been Gaspar’s hallmarks for over 40 years.